The Most Sustainable & Healthy Flooring Options

Every year on November 15, a large number of Americans take part in America Recycles Day. The day is meant to encourage recycling and the use of recycled products. With that said, November is a month to seriously consider whether we could use more eco-friendly options inside our homes. With floors...

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Reasons Why Your Hardwood Floor Won’t Go Out of Style

October is the perfect month to appreciate art and artists! On October 25, artists are recognized for their efforts on International Artists Day. Pablo Picasso, one of the most well-known artists, is also honored on this day. Inside our homes, there is a huge area that could also showcase style and...

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How to Save Money on New Flooring for Your Home

It’s thrifting time! Thrift shopping, which has been around for decades, is best described as the practice of looking for discounted previously owned items like clothing, glassware, or furniture. August 17 is National Thrift Shop Day, a day dedicated to promoting charitable causes and supporting local...

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Relaxing Vinyl for the Family

Every year, National Relaxation Day is observed to remind working professionals that they deserve a pleasant and worry-free relaxation day. Although these days are essentially done once in a while, our busy schedules usually hinder us from having our well-deserved relaxation. National Relaxation Day...

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