“Get Creative With Your Flooring Too!”

(Celebrating National Creativity Day through Artsy Flooring)


National Creativity Day is just around the corner! It is a day that falls on the 30th of May that was invented to encourage people to enrich their creativity and let them know it’s never too late to explore the arts. You read that right! No matter what age you are right now, it’s never too late to feed that musician, painter, or writer inside you. Similarly, it’s never too late to incorporate some artistic flooring designs into your home! With so many flooring trends and ideas to suit every room in your home these days, a fantastic floor treatment is often the first item to go on the mood board. Yet, even though everyone wants an elegant and classy home, not everyone knows how to achieve it. To help you out, here are some of the most creative flooring ideas for the home.

Wood-Look Porcelain

Wood-look porcelain tile is a new trend that has piqued the interest of customers and designers alike. Porcelain wood-look flooring adds value and a distinct visual appeal. Porcelain is also waterproof and extremely durable, making it an excellent choice for bathroom and basement flooring. It lends a very natural and elegant appearance to your home, complementing the natural wood look flooring. As a result, you not only get wood-like flooring at a low cost, but you also get the advantages of wood-look porcelain tiles!

Slate Tile Flooring

Slate is lovely, natural, and refined. Because the natural beauty of slate can manifest in different ways in each stone, each floor will have its own distinct appearance. Furthermore, a natural slate can add a sense of strength and functionality to any home. Slate’s muted tones complement any décor. Stone flooring requires less maintenance to look good than wood, tile, or linoleum and lasts longer in almost any condition.

Cherry Hardwood

Cherry is a lovely and elegant hardwood with a distinct inviting warmth that brightens any space. The deep red hues have a commanding, eye-catching presence. Furthermore, it does not collect dust and dirt as easily as other types of flooring. There’s no need to clean obsessively because cherry hardwood hides dust well. It not only looks good, but it also feels good to the touch. Cherry hardwood has a fine, uniform, straight-grain texture and a smooth surface.

Marble Tile Flooring

Each marble tile is completely unique due to its natural origin. Marble is a high-end finish, which means it’s used to give spaces a luxurious look, but it also lends a simple, natural look to any space. Marble flooring is also available in a variety of colors and patterns. This results in an incredible range of colors and patterns. More importantly, marbles are highly durable stones that can withstand such roughness for an extended period of time, even years. Some homeowners choose marble flooring to complement other elements in their homes.

Let your creative juice flow through your flooring! Creativity Day or not, your home deserves only the most stylish and sleek types of floors. Utah Flooring & Design is a trusted flooring company in Utah with a full range of services. baseboards, carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and much more. With world-class flooring services, we’ve been gaining the trust of homeowners for years Whether you are eyeing residential or commercial flooring installation or replacement, you can expect to receive fair and honest estimates. Utah Flooring and Design is committed to both excellent customer service and the execution of flooring work. Call Utah Flooring and Design at (801) 895-2115 and receive your on-site estimate today, all for FREE.

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