All Will Kneel Before the Vinyl


All Will Kneel Before the vinyl

Let us all be clear about this, Vinyl Planks are definitely not second-rate hardwood flooring!

Just because it is made to look like wood or other types of floorings, does not mean it is less of a flooring. There are sensible reasons why customers of Utah Flooring & Design are choosing Luxury Vinyl Planks over other types of floorings. So if you are planning to get one, this blog is your answered prayer.

Why ‘all will kneel before the vinyl’?

1. Appearance – The timeless wooden look of Vinyl Planks is still one of the reasons why customers choose it. Some perceive Vinyl Planks as something old and outdated, but the modern types of Vinyl Planks are stylish and classy at the same time. It comes with a wide variety of options and designs. You can even find a realistic imitation of other types of floorings today. That is how well vinyl floorings adapt to today’s style.

2. Easy to Clean – Vinyl flooring is the champion for the easiest-to-clean type of flooring. Most of the vinyl flooring has this protective layer on its surface. This enables the flooring to be dust-proof, dirt-proof, and water-proof. Most of the time, you will just have to sweep it with a broom or mop the surface and it will do the trick. Cleaning the vinyl flooring will not require you to lift a finger. Just be careful in case your vinyl flooring does not have a protective layer, especially cleaning it with water. When the water penetrates the edges of a vinyl plank, it makes the glue that sticks it to the floor come loose and eventually will make the flooring deteriorate. 


  1. Less Expensive – Well, it will still depend on what type of vinyl flooring you will get. You can choose from basic to luxurious types of vinyl planks and the price varies. But generally, vinyl floorings are less expensive than other floorings. If you are a home decision-maker, you sure have many plans in your mind that will beautify your house. But it should always be aligned with your budget. So vinyl flooring is really an excellent substitute for the expensive ones. Imagine getting appealing and quality flooring for a very affordable price.


  1. Durability – Remember the protective layer that most vinyl planks have? That makes a vinyl flooring entirely durable. It does not only make the vinyl flooring impervious to water but it also makes it scratch-proof. Even with your furniture not having felt-pads on its feet, when furniture is moved, it will be so hard for it to cause even a slight scratch on your flooring. It is also long-lasting and very easy to maintain.


Vinyl Flooring is always compared to Hardwood Flooring. While it is true that Hardwood Flooring is a great choice, Vinyl Flooring boasts qualities that will surely make you think that giving it a shot is totally worth it and, perhaps, the best decision a practical decision-maker could ever have.

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