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Hardwood Floor Installation

Installing hardwood flooring in your Spanish Fork home is one of the best ways to improve its atmosphere with a timeless look that is easy to maintain. We employ only the most professional hardwood flooring installation contractors, so you have confidence that your new floor will be installed to the highest standard. After the installation process is complete, our team in Spanish Fork will give you expert level guidance on how to care for your new floor so it will last for years.

Hardwood Floors Spanish Fork Homeowners Love

Walking into your Spanish Fork home to be greeted with a gorgeous hardwood floor is one of the most inviting welcomes you could receive. Installing hardwood floors in your bathroom or kitchen is also a fantastic way to increase the value of your home. If you have decided that installing hardwood floors in your home is the right choice for you, call us today. Our Spanish Fork contractors can add beautiful floors to your home and even attend to the small details, like adding new trim to compliment your new floor.

Installing Hardwood Floors in Your Spanish Fork Business

Nothing will impress customers as they enter your business in Spanish Fork as much as the timeless look of hardwood floors. Our company carries hardwood flooring in a wide variety of wood and design styles, so that no matter the décor design of your business, our team can select a flooring style that will accent it perfectly. Hardwood floors are also significantly more straightforward to maintain than carpeting, especially when it comes to spills. Add a fantastic touch to your Spanish Fork business with hardwood floors today.

Deciding Between Engineered or Solid Hardwood Floors

When considering installing hardwood floors for your Spanish Fork home, one of the biggest decisions to make is between solid or engineered flooring. Solid flooring is wood all the way through, while engineered hardwood flooring is typically comprised of a layer of hardwood on top of high-quality plywood. Both types have their strengths and weaknesses, but the most significant difference is cost. Engineered floors are typically more affordable to install but cannot be sanded and refinished like solid hardwood floors can. While solid hardwood floors have a reduced lifespan, they typically last more than 30 years. Whichever you choose for your hardwood flooring, our company in Spanish Fork is extremely experienced with both types and will provide the cleanest installation available.

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