Preparing your Hardwood Floors for Holiday Foot Traffic


The season for parties and family gatherings is here! Have you thought of your Holiday decorations for your home? Getting our homes ready is one of the most essential tasks on our Holiday to-do list. Preparing your wood flooring is something that frequently gets overlooked among all the carol singing, parties, and gift-buying. Many people observe a large increase in foot traffic during the Christmas season’s commotion. With all the increased traffic, spills, and moving decorations from room to room, your flooring is set to suffer during the holidays as well.

Prior to the start of the holiday festivities, prepare your home by maintaining your floors and making the necessary upgrades. Let’s start by understanding how to perform the necessary prep work to make your floors ready for the holidays when there is increased traction in your house or workspace.

Routine cleaning

For hardwood floors, a routine sweep with a broom or dust mop works wonders. Increase the frequency with which you mop, vacuum, or perform other floor cleanings to ensure that your floors maintain their finest appearance throughout the season. You will have a solid foundation going into the holiday season if you accomplish this. Additionally, a solid base stops dust and other particles from scraping and damaging your floors when there is a lot of foot traffic. Keep cleaning materials close hand when hosting holiday parties, especially when having a lot of guests.

Regulate indoor temperature

For instance, blocked vents will allow air to circulate to your home’s largest room, which is typically the living room. Blinds, curtains, or shutters may be an excellent choice if you’re searching for a simple solution to control the temperature in your home. If you want to strike a balance between being warm and avoiding floor damage, think about running a humidifier in your house to preserve moisture in the air.

Refinish every 5 to 7 years

You might be worried that it’s time to repair your hardwood flooring if you notice scuffs and scratches in it. Fortunately, refinishing your floors frequently will be enough to bring back their previous brilliance. Now is the time to refinish your hardwood floors if you haven’t done so in the last five to seven years to prevent further damage. After all imperfections have been fixed, fresh stain and a shielding top coat will be applied to keep your freshly finished floors safe from further harm.

Safeguard your floors with area rugs

A decorative area rug is one of the simplest methods to shield wood floors from scuffs and other harm. Your area rugs are held in place by these flimsy, slightly adhesive coverings placed underneath them. Both your family and friends and your hardwood floor are safeguarded from harm by these mats. An area rug can be a gorgeous rug that really unifies a space in addition to all the functional advantages. You can do this gently with neutral color schemes, or you can make a statement with something bold and patterned.

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